George Averbeck of Fire on the Mountain Gallery is known for his Pluto Globes and Saturn Globes. In celebration of Flagstaff's Lunar Legacy, he has created special edition Moon Globes, and they are his most intricate globes yet.

The Annex Cocktail Lounge is the home of what co-owner and chief spirits officer Nick Williams, refers to as the ‘Concept Cocktail’ and he’s created a tailor-made libation for Flagstaff’s Lunar Legacy.

Everyone’s favorite beer experimenters, Dark Sky Brewing is taking part in Flagstaff’s Lunar Legacy celebration.

Every six years the Discovery Channel Telescope must go through the delicate, but necessary, process of re-aluminization to maintain the telescope's viewing quality. This is the first time the Lowell Observatory team will be completing the process themselves.

For the past year, Lowell Observatory astronomer, Dr. Nick Moskovitz has been setting up a system to track meteors that enter earth's atmosphere, all in the hopes of being able to fin fresh meteorites on the ground.

A small, intimate wedding in the forest of Flagstaff, Arizona.

In 1896, Percival Lowell commissioned the construction of the Clark Telescope. More than 100 years later, the telescope was in desperate need of cleaning and renovation.

Reporter Reel 2015.